GASES are highly compressible as there are large spaces between their particles 
GASES have high kinetic energy
LIQUIDS are compressible at an extent as their particals have more spaces than solids but less than gases
LIQUIDS have high kinetic energy than solids but low kinetic energy than gases
SOLIDS are not compressible , they are rigid as their particles have negligible spaces between them
SOLIDS have very low kinetic energy
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The 3 states of matter:
i) Solid ii) Liquid iii) Gas

SOLIDS cannot be compressed the reason being the intermolecular space between them is minimum and they are rigid.

LIQUIDS can be compressed upto a certain extent as the intermolecular space between the particles are more than that of solids; which makes them rigid upto a certain extent.

GASES are highly compressible as there is hardly any intermolecular forces of attraction and intermolecular spaces between them is negligible; thus making them the least rigid.