Yes we can take many examples such as kalpana chawla, kiran bedi etc.
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you can also compare past and present and say about problems
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                            yeah the women empowerment is becoming reality and it is becoming strong and strong day by day. the women empowerment is really important for the country's development. the women should be empowered but there are many people how are against this and they say that women should stay only in the four walls of the house. the empowerment of women is must and it should be really effective. the women empowerment is not encouraged by every one but there are many people who try to encourage the women empowerment. we can take many people as our inspiration for the women empowerment like kalpana chawala, kiran bedi etc. the women empowerment helps many people a lot. the development of the women is must and needed because they are also a part of our country. there are many people who tried and even achieved the women empowerment.   
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