Electrons do not emit energy coz they move in their energy levels known as orbits.
if they are supplied with high energy they move to the subsequent energy shell and when they come back to their original shells they emit light rays known as spectral lines. this concept was given by neil bhor for hydrogen like atoms.............hope it will help u
but acc to experiments it us found that line spectrum is formed
no line spectrum is formed when electrons come back to their own shell.
but we have studied it in 11
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Haha ! Gud question . Well , Rutherford also first thought that electrons emit out energy continuously , & due to this Many scientists Neglected or You can say , wrong postulate said by Rutherford , if it is so , then a time will come , when electron will emit out its all energy & got distroyed or fall into the nucleus , but atom is stable , its the observation , have you ever observed your pen or pencil got distroyed automatically ? No na , So , Bohr said that , its not like that , they dont emit out energy , actually , electrons have their orbits & in these orbits they revolve & electron have its energy level , when it got some extra energy , like heat , it got excited & went to high energy level , & when it comes down again it emits out energy , it can be of any form heat or light
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ya it is ,
they doesnt emit out energy all the tym
u can refer to bohr's atomic model ....there it is given in detail