A heart look like a fist-sized vascular organ.
its red colored. and coronary arteries all around it.
aorta emerges from top of it
aorta emerges from the bottom from the left ventricles
not from the top
vena cava is slightly above which descends through right artricles
a heart look like fist-sized or a conical shape red color and it have corners
A heart is conical in has four chamber. which r seperated from each other due to pumps the blood.he coronary arteries supply oxygen to the heart its blockage can lead to coronary heart disease like heart attack etc..its colour is red because it pumps the blood. it is enclosed and protected in the rib cage . its systole and diastole creates a pressure which pumps the blood..
it also can be fist shape not size so first understand and thn answer dont be angry
it does look fist shape but size ?????
and in my answer the rest is xtra tht cn help him further u hv mentioned red colour bt fr wht is it red. im nt saying your answer is incorrect it is correct.
Woah bruh! chill.
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