Q1. What is Science? Q2. What is Future? Q3. How r they interrelated? Q4. Do u think Science is a boon? Why? Q5. Do u think that Science will help in building our future? Why? Q6. Is science blessing or curse? Give reason. Hope I helped u.. Plz mark as the BRAINLIEST answer..
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some questions regarding the science and future are :
1. how good will the science develop ?
2. how can you contribute for the well development of the science ?
3. how will the science contribute for the development of our country ?
4. is the science helpful for the future of for livelihood ?
5. science is a Boon or a Bane ?
6. the future science is useful or harmful for the environment ?
7. can the science help out our future generations ?
8. suggest some ways so that we can develop science ?
hope so my answer is useful and mark as best if possible ...!!
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