You see a lot of people in your locality dumping garbage and litter in one of the empty plots in the area. This leads to a serious condition of flies, bacteria and other germs. Moreover stray animals like cows, dogs also worsen the situation and the place has turned into a mess. How should other people react to it?



ST1.___________ Have you seen people dumping garbage and all other wastes in the nearby vacant plot causing a lot of nuisance .
ST2yeah, flies stray cattle ,dogs, rats and all other germs breed there. It poses a serious threat – a health hazard so to say. It is such a mess
St1. Already so many diseases are doing their round and now this will be an added woe. Mosquitoes and flies are happy to breed there. The stench fills the air . we should try to do something. Can we students form a group and tell the locality elders about the grim picture and ask them if they can co-operate with us
St2. We can even tell that we are ready to go door to door and tell the residents to co- operate. And speak of the dangers it causes. So much of media campaign is already done . they should realise this and should take some initiative.
St1. We can speak to them about bio- degradable and non bio – degradable separation too. I know everybody will agree that they should all come together to do something. We should stick some posters too to warn of the impending dangers.
St2. Even the foreign tourists who come to visit our country think ill of our hygiene and cleanliness