The role of MNCs in the process of globalisation can be understood through the following five examples:

1. MNCs have led to the availability of products from all over the world in any country. For example, in India, corporations like Ford and Hyundai have led to a greater availability of cars from other countries.

2. MNCs from developing countries are also increasing their presence in developed countries. For example, Tata Tea purchased Tetley, a tea brand in Britain a few years ago.

3. They have led to a greater movement of labour across the world. For example, Indian software engineers working in TCS go the U.S. for work.

4. MNCs have increased the inflow of foreign capital across different countries. For example, when a corporation like General Electric invests in India, it brings in capital from abroad.

5. They have led to more transfer of technology across the countries. For example, Samsung brings in more advanced technology for manufacturing electronics into countries like India.
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