This is a poem about rani lakshmi bai who fought bravely:
A good news at Benaras,
Manikarnika is born to make changes!
The prediction that she would become a queen
Of the wise men was keen.

Her Charm and wit
made the whole place lit!
The king of Jhansi married her,
the kingdom became happier.

Her son died bringing sorrow,
Making her life hollow.
Anand Rao became her adopted son
Bringing happiness to everyone.

Death of Gangadhar Rao was a peril,
Bringing deterioration to her will.
She moved to the town
With Damodar losing his crown.

Began the sepoy mutiny,
Bringing to life her bravery!
With the help or Tantya Tope, her friend,
She thought of bringing British rule to an end! 

She fought bravely at Gwalior
Became a remarkable warrior!
Though she did not win,
Her bravery is never forgotten!

Oh India! sing her pride,
The pride of a noble guide
Let her heart and mind rest in peace
And her fame should never cease!
TUG OF WAR... One leg stretched out. Another inside my mind. Day dreams swing fromche branches. Chained memories sleep. Down below in the roots. I lift one leg. Another tugs behind. Thus goes on. A tug of war. One goes up. Another comes down. Thus goes on a game of see saw. One leg stretched out. Another inside my mind. One leg forward. Another hides in a corner. One stricken by fear. Another fumes and rages. Wih hair bristling. One leg stretched out. Another inside my mind.