It is important for us to preserve our culture. We have a wide range of indigenous games which is our heritage. We have to preserve them for the future India. Some of the indigenous games of India are Kabaddi, Goli, Ghilli. We have to preserve or they will get extinct. In future we will have to show photos and videos and tell them that this were indigenous games of India. Nowdays they are trying to bring Kabaddi into existence by PRO KABADDI LEAGUE. In Asian games also there is Kabaddi from 7 years and till now we Indians have won all 7 gold medals both in Men and Women.
So please play Indian games in your games period.

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diversity is the basic crux of survival. We living species have survived so long due to biodiversity. Consider this, if every one is absolutely similar and no diversity, every one would die due to a single strain of virus. Due to diversity, the chances of not getting affected by that particular strain arrises and hence, the chances of survival also. That was the biological perspective. Lets arrive onto the cultural perspective. We people love the small differences that are like vibrant colours in a single pallet called India. It is beautiful. Just beautiful. ANd there is a need to preserve and protect it against single brush enforcers.