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I would talk to him and tell him that continously being engaged in mobile will get him sight from which he would have to wear glasses. I would also tell him by getting engaged in mobile he would not get anything. He is wasting time and avoiding studies due to which he is indirectly spoiling his career. I would tell him to come out and play so that he gets physical activity also. I will tell him he can play but not for more than 10-20 minutes.
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Mobile phone is not a necessary factor for a student in this age.So it is the fault of his parents who gifted their child a mobile phone.And if he has necessity of a mobile phone also,then the parents have to lay restrictions on their usage.Playing games on mobile phones hammers a child's intellectual development and also spending long hours in front of mobile phones also cause damage to our eyes.I will try to convince him by saying how it has affected his friendship and also how it has affected his studies.I will also try to convince him by making him understand that how much he has gone away from his accademics.Likewise i will try to convince him.
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