"Sports and Games"

Introduction-Games and sports are an important factor in our education. The aim of education is physical , mental and moral development of a student.
A sound body contains a sound mind and if body is weak than mind can never be strong.

1.They improve our health- The value of good health is well expressed in proverb- " A sound mind in a sound body".
2. Provides good training and discipline - One who learns to obey also learns to command.
3.Develops a spirit of comradeship - Students play as a whole for team not for themselves.

1.Games and sports often turns towards regular profession or trade .
2. Lead to party feeling and rivalry.
3.Often harmful to studies - It often happens that many promising students sacrifice their careers by giving too much time to sports and games.
4.Harmful to health of weak boys.

The biggest advantage which should be inculcated in our life and is present in sports and games has the quality of team work.
If you understand this than nothing can stop you from achieving anything in your life.

Overall Games and Sports will teach you many things but it is you who will decide what will you inculcate in your life.
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Questions are --------------
1. Why games and sports important in our life?
2. Differentiate between sports and games?
3. Can any age group of persons can play it to enhance their health . Give answer in brief.
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                         SPORTS AND GAMES

Sports and games are one of the important part of ones life , studies is not the only important thing we need to give importance to sports and games too.These days people do not give importance to sports as they are more concentrated towards studies , they do not know the importance of sports and in this busy schedule of life people forget to give importance to sports , even if they want to play games etc they will not have time to do so we should give equal importance to sports as well as other work equally .

Every schools and colleges should have a efficient time for games in order to keep students happy and by playing games students will get rejuvenated and they can concentrate more on studies.sports and games have many advantages our mind gets refreshed , it helps us to keep our body fit and fine and will will become disciplined by playing some games as they have some set of rules and regulations to be followed , it helps to remove our stress etc

Sport is an essential part of human life as people consume a lot of fast food these days , sports will help us to burn or calories , fat which is good for our health . There are some disadvantages of sports too if we do not have practice of playing some sport we may land up having injuries while playing that particular sport , the people who are weak cannot play games as there are chances of them falling unconscious while playing sometimes it may lead to serious situations .

sports also inculcates team work in our life which is more important as it is good to have unity between the people , as we make teams while playing some sport for example :- in cricket we have a team of 11  members and by team work we can achieve anything in life , but sometimes there are fights when we play but we should make up our mind that we are one and we should not fight as it is an insult we are doing to that sport .

Everyone should involve themselves in at least one sport and they should give some time for sports at least in morning like they can to jogging as even jogging is a sport , jogging in morning increases our concentration , tiredness and we can be active the whole day an it also helps us in keeping our mind calm . Sports and games teach us many things and we should learn from them
                                   " A sound mind is a sound body"