Not all communities participate in the Civil Disobedience Movement. There are 2 rich communities that participated in the Civil Disobedience Movement (C.D.M)
#) In Rural areas, 
The Indian land owners wanted the Indian National Congress (INC) to put forward their demand of reducing the Land Revenue while the tenants wanted even the land owners to reduce the rent on the houses as the INC could take both it had first selected the land owners as they promised them that they would participate in large numbers.

#) In Urban Areas, 
The Industrialists wanted the Britishers to remove the trade restrictions as they did for the World War 1. For the INC they were supporting with funds so that they could organize meeting hence the INC without any choice but to take their demand. While the Industrial Workers wanted the the company to them more wages as the INC had already taken up the demand of the Industrialists it could not take the forward the demand of the workers. 

Hence in the C.D.M many different social groups did not participate.

During the Salt March many women from the richer communities had also joined because they just wanted to hear what was said by Gandhiji. 

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