An arbitrary large number is the answer for any rectangle, up to that with a length of 9cm, and 0cm as the width will have a perimeter of 18cm.
Similarly, any rectangle up to that with sides 0cm long, and a width of 9cm will have your 18cm perimeter.
zero dimension wont make a rectangle
so please correct that
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Actually there can be infinite number of rectangles. Lemme explain,
perimeter = 2(L +B) = 18
⇒L +B = 9
now, we can take any positive number, can be fraction also.
It should be noted that L or B cannot be Zero, because if it is zero, then rectangle could not be formed.
If it is asked, the length and breadth can only be a natural number, then possible dimensions are (length,breadth) as (8,1), (7,2),(6,3),(5,4)
then only 4 rectangles are possible
Otherwise, infinite number of rectangles are possible.
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