How to calculate the valency of an element with in seconds?

the atomic no. and electronic configuration is sufficient to calculate the valency...if the last no. in e.c is 1,2,3,4...then they re the valency,but if the last no is 5 or more than that, then subtract by 8,u will get the required vaency..


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The atomic number itself won't say you a thing about valency of an element.atomic number say you about the charge on the nucleus  and also the number of electron in neutral atom.
but when the elements are arranged in periodic table you can determine the number of valance electrons from the position of element in the table  the Roman numeral at the top of each element will give the number of valance electron
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but i think it wnt be correct all d time
it is correct u look it

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Calculation of Valency:
1.To determine the valency of an element,we need to remember the periodic table.
2. Calculate the valency of an element using the total number of electrons. 
All the elements in group VIII have eight electrons in their outer shells, and thus have a valency of zero]
Calculate the valency of multi-element molecules using the same procedure.