There once was a old man who lived in a small village of shantippur.his financial conditions was not well so he could not study when he was when he has become old he wanted to study.but whenev he went to the schiol every one teased him so for sometime he stoped day suddenly he went to studty without any hesitation.from that time he always went to school.
Once, two best friends named Ashish and Rahul went to a beach. On a topic they had a fight and Ashish slapped Rahul. Rahul, while crying wrote on sand that", today my best friend slapped me".
Then, they both were going to the oases to take a bath. When Rahul was going near the oases, his leg slipped and the waves caught Rahul. Suddenly Ashish saw him and he went to rscue him. Ashish saved his life and Rahul said thanks to him and wrote on a rock that", today my best friend saved my life".
Ashish asked Rahul that", when I slapped you, you wrote on sand and when I helped you, you wrote on rock, why"? Rahul replied", Because we should forget the bad memories and remember the good memories. I wrote the bad memory on the sand so that the water can erase it, and I wrote the good memory on the rock so that any type of water can't erase it.
Rahul and Ashish hugged each other and lived happily ever after.....................