Correction: People didn't find the Indus Valley Civilization, they made it. It was like cities: before cities existed, their were barren lands and someone made a city right... So basically in old times people usually lived near rivers as water was and still is one of the most crucial needs of human existence

The first inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent are from the west and had settled in the Indus Valley. There, archaeologists have found at Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro and elsewhere, the remains of a brilliant civilization. The first settlers of India were not, as had been believed until the early decades of the twentieth century, primitive nomadic tribes. The Indus civilization, there are over 4000 years, had in fact nothing to envy the Mesopotamian civilization, perhaps even he was more than she. Street Map checkered, storied houses, apartment blocks, excellent network of sewers and septic tanks, grain elevators, temples, baths for purification ritual - this is a sign of advanced urban civilization. Indices are also trading links with Mesopotamia and the Near East, the Indus to travel several hundred miles to the Arabian Sea.