We say that children are the future of the nation so when children of India would be crime children so how would be our country in future .so crime free children are very important and child labours are the problem of this as when parents do not have much money so they send their children for some job and then children adopt bad actions happening in their surroundings they also adopt the bad treatment towards them from their owners and then they also become like them and a criminal in a future because they were away from their parents and also from school so we have to remove this from our country and then our country India will be crime free.
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The children of today are being greatly spoilt by the social networkin sites.they ar enot concentrating in there suties.they are also not listing to heir parents.the bad people are encouraging them to go on the wrong path which will lead them to hell.they are learning various cyber crimes from the bad guys.they are also learning many other crimes which are being taught by their friends it is the responsibility of parents to look after their child and enco8rage them to walk on the right path which will lead them to heaven.they should also not allow heir child to have accounts till the age of that till then they learn to choose the wrong and right pah of their his means if the children of today will be free from crim then automatocally india will be free from crime tomorrow.
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