You and your classmates could collect newspapers from your locality as well as other wastes (plastics, paper wastes, etc) and sell it at the local recycling shop where you could exchange those for money.
You could also put your own contribution and assure him that he could repay when he is comfortable and settled.
You and your friends could also drop by to check on his father. This would put his worries to rest that he has got friends who will have his back always.
Cheers! :)
Instead of these mean jobs,dont you think it would be best if he goes to a government hospital or an NGO.I mean,NGO's exist to solve such problems,don't they??
Yup. Also, the Govt hospital idea is a good one. But he needs a solution for the issue where he has to pay his term fees.
NGO'S,I believe,take care of that too...but anyways,I liked ur answer.Keep it up. :)
Yup, a few do. Thank you so much :)
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As he is my friend, my class mate I will try my best to help him out. If I m nt able to solve the problem out them I will request some of the other class mates to help that person out to pay his term fees.I would also request the school authorities to do something which can be better for him/her. #move_on