The largest of the two pirates ships was commanded by a Japanese captain who spoke a small amount of imperfect Dutch . He came up to Gulliver and after asking several questions which the latter answered with humility, the captain commanded that he should not die Gulliver then made a very low and turning to the Dutchman said that he was sorry to find more mercy in a heathen than in a fellow Christian brother it was this comment of his which angered the Dutchman and he made sure that a punishment was inflicted on him, if not death, which was worse than death to Gulliver. Gulliver's men were equally divided into both the pirate ships and his stoop new manned. As to Gulliver, it was determined hat he should be set admit in a small canoe, with paddles and a sail, and four days' provisions, the last addition being upon the kind Japanese captain's insistence who provided them from his own stores and permitted that no man ought to search him. Gulliver git down into the canoe while the Dutchmen stood upon the desk loading him with all the curses and injurious terms his language could afford.