Land amd water ar ethe basic elements on the earth .rivers and lakes has been polluted by the wastes.water for drinking purposes and agriculture has become scarce in some parts of the a resilt the ultimate sufferers are he common peolle.aboit 35 per cent of the earths total landmass is dry land where there is shortage of water.the population is increasin with time so the need for water resource is also increasing.our next logical step should be water conservation.rain water harvesting is a process in whic rain water is collected directly in reservoirs like tanks ,wells and ponds.this water is used for domestic and agriculture andaman and niccobar island there is a shortage of water so the people are dependent on rain water.rain water harvesting is a popular method as ut has many advantages lile it requires little maintanance cost,it environment friendly and it improves the quality of ground water by decreasing the salt content.
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It's true we cant live without water as it is the most important thing for living .water has no colour but it gives colours to our life we use water for doing thousands of works as we bath ,cook ,drink ,watering plants ,washing and ,many more .
it gives energy it does not have any taste but then also we can't live without it .
in our body 70 to 80 percent is water .it cleans or body and it also help in digestion of food and we will die if their is no water on the Earth .it provides our body energy and keeps it cool .so in short '''there is no life without water''''.
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