Metro is a blessing for Indian people. Now we can travel comfortably in air-conditioned compartments on reasonable fares.

One day we planned to enjoy the ride of the Metro. We took an auto from Shalimar Bagh and stopped before University metro station.

My father took the tokens and thereafter we enjoyed a cold drink before taking the train. The train arrived within five minutes and all of us went inside the train.

Oh! It was wonderful to take a ride in it. The train was fully air-conditioned. The seats were very comfortable. But a few notorious boys came and spoiled the environment.

They began to behave in abusive manner. I told them to behave properly; else we shall have to file a report to the police. The mischievous boys got scared of police and stopped misbehaving. We got down the train at Rajiv Chowk.

People were pushing one another. I told them not to push as it could lead to an accident. People stopped pushing one another.

The Metro ride was very enjoyable except for some indiscipline elements that were spoiling the law and order in the train.
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During my vacations, I went to New Delhi with my family. On a sunny afternoon, we planned to go to Rajouri Garden. I asked my father how we were going to get there. He replied calmly that we were taking the metro. “Metro?” I wondered out loud, “What’s that?” My dad simply smiled and said that I’ll come to know soon.

We took a rickshaw to the metro station. My dad got the tickets and the train arrived just as we reached the platform. It was huge!

We got into a spacious compartment and stood enjoying the view from the window. It was stunning. In the evening, the city was illuminated with lights from houses, cars, traffic and streets. It was a marvellous visual treat.

My first metro ride was fabulous and fascinating.