THis act was justified because this helped the convict to become a better human being which is useful for the society rather than becoming an evil again by going into the prison.This is beneficial for the society as well as the convict.
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Being a Bishop also,he lied.Even though what he has done is not right,but it is acceptable.The Convict entered the Bishop's house and threatened the Bishop.The Bishop remained clam and cool and offered help to the Convict by offering him food and wine which he ate with extreme satisfaction.Due to the effect of the wine the Convict told the story of his life to the Bishop,his wife,how she died,from where he has come from,why did he went to the jail,how was he treated there,how he escaped ,everything he discussed with Bishop.After hearing this Bishop left the Convict alone in the room where the silver candlesticks were kept.The Convict stole the candlesticks and ran away.But he was caught and brought before the Bishop since the Sergeant understood that it was Bishop's candlesticks.But the Bishop told the Sergeant that he had given away the candlesticks to the Convict as a gift since he didn't wished to sent the convict back to the prison.So what the Bishop has done is acceptable. 
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