This is such a interesting assingment !What i do not know is the kind of course you are writing this essay for or what text sources you might be expected to focus on . NO MATTER you will probably you want to focus on wheather or not legend reflect history .
To show that legend do or do not refelect history means that you must have examples of particular text and particular period of history and the best example of it is Ashoka the great and Akbhar I am sure that you have heard these names because both of these were the legends who reflects the history . Both were indian rulers who ruled India . Ashoka's evidence is very few because he wrote about himself in 14 inscription . Akbhar ruled India in16th century and he has many evidence like Akbar nama .
Like them many legends like Ghengis khan ,Napolean ,Alexender etc ruled the world and changed the world therefore history is only made by legends and only legends can made the history....