# ) The process of unification of ITALY was the work of 3 main leaders, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Count Cavour, and Victory Emmanuel II . 
# ) Italy was divided into 7 states in which only Sardinia-Piedmont was the only region ruled by a Italian Princely house.
# ) The northern Region was ruled by Austrian-Habsburg dynasty, The central was ruled by Popes by France and the Southern region by the Bourbon kings of Spain.
# ) The unification of Italy started with the secret societies formed by Mazzini like the Young Italy and the Young Europe.
# ) Count Cavour with his tack full diplomacy with France defeated the Austrians and freed the northern Italy.
# ) Garibaldi with his armed volunteers called red shirts defeated the Bourbon kings of Spain freeing the kingdom of 2 sicilies.
#) Victory Emmanuel the 2nd defeated the popes of France and freeing the southern region and completing the unification of Italy and he was proclaimed the emperor of united Italy. 

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