What a hectic life it is! We are not at all caring about us. Nature that is a crucial gift is day-by-day going away from us.Due to a busy life , we get no time to admire nature and have moved away from it. Let's know how it happens. First of all, let's know what is nature... It is the natural living world present around a human. Lush green grass,flora fauna and animals including humans are a part of this lovely essence. But these days, we are so busy nd have a monotonous life, that we are not considering about our health. There are many benefits of it. Grass helps us to remain stress-free. Waterfalls make our souls rest peacefully. Everything makes us feel soothing. So, it is rightly said that, "What is a life full of cares, when we have no time to stand and stare." Hence, we should admire this nature which is a wonderful gift. So let's refresh ourselves in scenic beauty and leave hum-drum life. Knowing all this, let's follow this.
So, nature is very essential. Instead of destroying it, preserve it..
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