India is a country facing extreme food crisis. Throwing eatables in the dustbin not only makes it a breeding ground for insects in an environment meant to study but also brings about a foul smell. Instead, if every individual brought food only according to his or her needs, this wouldn't happen. There are people working to make sure both their ends don't meet. All they manage to get is probably one square meal a day. Throwing food away, doesn't fill their stomach either.
Many a times,when we travel,we see how poor kids and their parents dig into a pit of garbage for hours,just so that they could obtain something to satiate their long disturbing hunger.And on the other hand,people who are fortunate enough to have unlimited food at their disposal,are wasting it in such a reckless manner without giving a second thought to the fact that millions of innocent die every year due to starvation and malnutrition.They don't realise that by simply offering the food to these unfortunate people,they are not only saving the life of that starving poor fellow but also contributing to the objective of social welfare of the nation.I mean,in place of going to a dustbin and insulting the precious food,how much pain would it bring to them if they go to a starving person sitting along the road,and give it to him??

Hope,that's of some help. :)