I recently read the story of robin hood.the story is full of adventures and is composed of a number of is a novel written by henry gilbert.rovin hood is a hero among the best loved out laws of all this famous novel henry gibert potrys some life like characters like merry men of sherwood forest,ronbin himself,lottle john,friar tuck,will scarlet,alan a dale,maid marian,the good king richard and robins enimies.a lot of obstacles came in robins path but he was successful in his joirney.
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I had read the story of the sharp eyed jeweler.It is about a jeweler who uses his sharp mind to catch someone.
Once the jeweler was putting the jewels when he saw a woman but he did not pay any heed to her.Then an American entered the shop chewing a gum and began to look for rings and chose a flower ring and hid it somewhere.Then the woman outside came in and showed him some ring which was broken.Then she took the advantage of it and took away the flower ring which was stuck by the American under the edge of the counter by his chewing gum.
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