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Thanks Oshoraa for your question,
Some Points for working on spoken language are:

I would suggest to watch more and more that language movies with your child and then discuss what he/she learnt from that

Another point is talking in daily life with him/her in same language. If it seems out of his/her comfort zone. you may think to go slow and may allocate some particular time of the day in which you will speak with him/her in that particular language

Children are very curious, Utilising this curiosity for making them improving skills. May be think about puzzle games/Board games  which they will like to play on in the language. Also Video games can be utilized. Children learn from games more as compared to their textbooks.

Make sure that child doesn't feel that he is not able to accomplish something. this can make him disinterested. He should be always feeling loved and compassion of a caring one. Best learnings happen when he may seem unity with the subject

Hope i helped
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good one'
thanks a lot , Realy I try to work out in which you  gave suggestion.
Please suggest me which type of story book (lang:English) preferred for 2nd grade.