ST1:  ---------------( NAME) i went to see tanjore Temple with my friends. I was very curious to visit the brihadeeswarar temple .such a mighty one . no shadow on the earth. And the sculpture was superb. The nandi was made out of a single stone. Oh really interesting. But at the same time i was sad too.
ST2. Why what happened. Your other friends didnot enjoy or what.
St1: no no the outer walls and even inside every where i could see people spitting throwing garbage , and writing so  many unwanted things on the walls without knowing their importance. So many years we have preserved this heritage . but soon we will de face it. I am sure.
St2. What are the authorities doing . they are collecting entry fee. Hen why cant they do something.
St1: they are doing their best . posters , warnings are there . but all the time they cant be around. Thay are not watch dogs. They want us to realise. But no one does.
St2. That is why nowadays in all tv’s and in general mass media is creating awareness.hw wil the foreign tourists feel about us. I am ashamed.
St1; in school level weshould create awareness
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