I have the diary of a young girl...
According to the book,Anne frank is a girl ,who lived in the period when hebrews were tortured and killed. Her family escaped to a hiding place and lived there for some time and later were caught and killed. She wrote about her experience in the diary which were later published
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Anne frank was a girl belonged to frank family. she had experienced the brutalities of Hitler. Her dairy's name was kitty. It was a gift frm her relative on her b'day. In dat diary, she noted her feelings, thoughts nd ideas. She considered kitty as her intimate frnd. she noted her tragic situations dat she faced in kitty. Aftr her death, many Otto frank's ( father of Anne Frank) frnds read it nd they suggested to publish it. But he refused. At last he agreed to publish it. Aftr publishing der were so complaints abt dat dairy,coz a small 15 year old girl can't write like dat. But court rejected dat complaint.
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