Arts and craftsdescribes a wide variety of activities involving making things with one's own hands. Arts and crafts is usually ahobby. Somecrafts(art skills) have been practised for centuries, others are more recent inventions. A quote by Apoorva Rathore:" Art cannot be taught,it comes from thinking. But it can be improved by practice."Both children and adults enjoy arts and crafts. Children in schools may learn skills such aswoodworking,wood carving,sewing, or making things with all sorts of materials. Many community centres and schools have evening or day classes and workshops where one can learn arts and craft skillsAlthough "crafts" today are usually hobbies enjoyed byamateurs, the word was used many centuries ago byprofessionalpeople who had aguildsystem. Young people were learned from a master-craftsman (i.e. they were "apprenticed"), and they often took many years to learn their skills to perfection.