Plzz give me the ans of this prompt plzz guyss send me it is urgent .Q- prompt is that your friend has not done as well as she expected to do in her eams.She is upset and now blames the tacher for her performance.Discuss with your partern what would you do to help her get over her disappointment and to move forward,and to help her think about ways to improve her grades in future , and not blame others.

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First of all i will tell her that no teacher wants the failure of any student. They always motivate us. And no one should blame others for their failures. I will motivate her. I will say that she should learn from the past and should practice hard so that she will get success next time. I will tell her some inspirational stories so that she will learn something from them. To get over her disappointment I with her other friends would like to play games which she likes. If she will not be happy again then I think I should tell this situation to her parents so that they will do something. They can teach her better than anybody.

She should use previous years sample paper and try other books to get good marks. She should study in a group so that her difficulties can be solved by her friends. She should ask the question in the class. It has been proved that those students who do not ask they question they fail. But when she will ask the questions she can easily win over her difficulties. 
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first paragraph is for first question and second is for second question
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