Prompt is that your friend has not done as well as she expected to do in her eams.She is upset and now blames the tacher for her performance.Discuss with your partern what would you do to help her get over her disappointment and to move forward,and to help her think about ways to improve her grades in future , and not blame others.



don't feel disappointed as have you tried your best and you should try it nxt time to get the full marks. U can create it now.Thanks.
It's more than obvious that when someone doesn't do well academically,he/she wants to have an excuse ready with her that would justify why she couldn't do well.Yeah,it is understood that no one wants to get bad grades but in the event of it happening,the blame game comes into picture,real quick.So the best that I could do is suggest her,to first find out the areas of her weakness as well as her expertise.And further,I would encourage her to give her best shot to each of her problems.Certainly,if she does so,she will see a remarkable difference in her grades and ultimately,she will realise for sure that blaming others for her poor performance is not going to benefit her in the long run.

Hope,it will be helpful. :)