Humour and wisdom is one of those great combinations because for the following reasons:

1. When people laugh, they relax and they open up. They are more receptive to your ideas.

2. Humour allows for great juxtaposition.

3. People are more likely to accept your insight and sage like wisdom if you can laugh… at yourself.

There are very few things to get people drop their guard more than humour. If you want your audience to consider a new perspective, one of the best ways to get them to open themselves up to it is to first get them laughing.

But if we make things too funny people may take it jokingly missing the serious note in it.

So the best thing to be done is to proving your point in a serious as well as humorous note so that you do not set them yawning but leave them craving on every word of yours.

good morning every one I'm ( your name ) standing before you to deliver a speech on my topic humor and wisdom. humor is something that makes the human feel happy and it even makes the human to be mentally strong and even it makes us feel relaxed every time. when some one experience the humor and the wisdom then that human would be mentally strong because when he is happy his brain would work more efficiently than the normal one. humor is an important part of our life and even the wisdom the meaning of the wisdom means that having good and great knowledge and the experience. the humor plays a important  and even a key role to keep the human too much active and even it makes the human to feel better than that of what he does. the humor and even the wisdom goes hand in hand and it makes the person feel himself a great and even it brings him a great confidence to him.
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