In newton 1law of motion said that a body at rest will remain at rest .and a body in motion will countinue in a motion in a staight lline with a uniform speed unless it is compelled by an external force to change its state of rest or of uniform motion . Tis law is saying that the object in motion will coutinous move but when we through a cricket ball why it bend and come back to earth but when we through this in straight line



 When we throw the ball in straight line on the ground, it experiences an external force that is the frictional force due to which the ball stops.
No but it going straight not goig up wards
The newtons law says that in the absence of a force a body will be at rest or in uniform motion. If a body is not at rest or it is not in uniform motion that means that there is an external force acting on it. A ball rolling on ground stops due to frictional force acting against the motion of the ball. A ball thrown upwards far away from our galaxy will continue to move with unform speed in the same direction. it slows down and returns back due to earth's attractive gravitational force.

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It is due to the Gravitational pull of the Earth which is very strong.