Mobile phones are the little wonders of the 21st century they have revolutionized and transformed our lives completely.Mobile revolution is the story of the creation of a mobile market and worldwide services, exploring new possibilities of transforming how we will live, work and play.The mobile phones have undertaken a fascinating journey from worldwide internet messaging content and multimedia messaging to camera phones, to location based services, mobile phone televisions, 3G phones etc.Mobile revolution is not only mind-boggling but also quite dramatic with the rapid pace of change in technology.Today, life without mobile phones is not only unimaginable but also unlikely.The conventional land lines, cumbersome and outdated, appear redundant and obsolete in comparison to these handy little gadgets. Gone are the days, when you needed a telephone directory in order to look for the phone number, you wish to dial.The utility of these sleek little phones is such that even if one has the option of using a land line one usually prefers to use this amazing device because of its easy accessibility.
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