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I started walking down the upper market lane.I had been there to buy some glass bottles which my mother thought,would look good in our drawing room.I didn't have a watch on me.Perhaps,It is around 8 in the evening for the sun had set.I have always wanted my mother to trust me with the responsibilities relating to our home.I'm just 15 as of now,but still.My mother gave me a word of caution before I left the house for the market."Don't just simply accept the price that the shopkeeper will give you,bargain and bring it down to half the original price.Don't get embarrased while you do so,you will,probably,not get to see him again."And her advice did help.So here I was carrying these well wrapped and packed glass bottles,waiting for the traffic to come to a halt.My home lies on the other side of the road.But as I'm approaching my home,why does everything seems so dark?What a silly question.The electricity must have gone out for a while.May be,for a longer while.Afterall,it's India. So I reached home,handed over my items to my mother,but couldn't quiet clearly see her expression untill she brought a lamp.She demanded,"how many are these?" "6" I said."And what did you pay for it?" "250 rs in total mumma." I replied,honestly.She looked relieved though she complained I paid him more than I was supposed to. I asked her what's the issue with electricity.It has been more than an hour since I reached home and yet the electricity was out."oh,that's been out for 6 hours now,or more." She told me. I went onto the roof and saw the entire neighbourhood, under a thick blanket of darkness.People had lit up small small candles in their room.I could see that.I began to think,why do they cut our supply?But then again,it's the entire neighbourhood's power that's out,not specifically ours.It was way too gloomy.Seeing everything dark,everywhere.Everything your eyes rest upon,looked all the same,dark..ghostly and melancholy. I heard my mother's voice.She is calling me for dinner.I was wondering if we were going to sleep in dark that night.That's what happened.We did sleep in dark that night.The worst night,ever.
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Today as we live in a world of technology, one of the most basic necessities of life is electricity. Today we cannot imagine living without it. What if there was no electricity for an entire day! How would it feel? Well! It's Sunday morning and there's something different - no electricity the entire day. Life seems to have come to a standstill without electricity.

My first custom of the day after waking up is to head towards the bathroom to brush my teeth, and have a shower. I experienced a chill when cold water hit me; I realized there is only cold water available. The geyser was not working as there was no electricity. Feeling refreshed and revitalized after a cold shower, I headed towards the frost free refrigerator for a snack, only to discover that the food in the refrigerator was warm and had been turned into something new. Refrigerators play an important role in food preservation, but without electricity they are useless. Surely a nice, hot cup of coffee would help me forget the ordeal that I was going through till now. So I ran to the coffee vending machine to have a cup of hot coffee, but realized that without electricity the coffee machine was anything but useful. My hopes of having coffee seemed more like a dream. Reading the Sunday newspapers I realized that there would be no electricity supply for the entire day.

I could not watch my favourite TV programmes the entire day. The lift in my apartment was not working so I had to trudge up and down nearly becoming breathless. The exercise was helpful no doubt for my fitness! Just when I needed to send some urgent e-mails on my laptop, it shut down and I could not recharge the same. Co-incidentally, the gas also finished and neither did the induction cooker nor the microwave would work on account of power supply failure, and so I had to be satisfied with cold lunch. Well! Thank the weather, it was not so hot that day, or else I would have got roasted in the heat. Eventually, power supply was restored in the evening and the only thing that I could say was - what a relief! The incident also helped me appreciate the value of electricity as an essential resource.