Give reason -
1. We cover a burning lamp with a lid.
2. Scrapes of wood catch fire easily as compare to a log of wood.
3. A piece of paper catches fire and burns completely while a crumpled ball of paper burns only on the edges.
4. Wet piece of wood takes time to burn while a dry wood burns easily.



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1. We cover a burning lamp with a lid to avoid the heat produces by electricity.... 2. It is quick in case of fire as it is small in amount as compared to a log... 3. A piece paper is thin so it catches fire easily while a ball of paper if very big... 4. Wet piece of wood needs time to catch fire as water itself helps in blowing off the fire.
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2014-07-21T18:26:22+05:30 avoid heat
2.due to thin size
3.due to less ignition temperature
4.because before burning of woood, water is evaporated taking some time