What is music??? An arrangement of some sounds in a rhythmatic order or simply some guys banging their instruments in an absurd way??No,music is neither.Music is something which touches your sole.Something,that makes you forget your worries and makes you feel,yourself.It doesn't necessarily have to be an instrumental or vocal by humans.The megnificent sound of nature,the divine fall of a waterfall,the relieving chirping of birds.These are the example of the finnest music that earth presents to us.
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Music is a way of life. Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.It can be intellectual and at the same time uniquely simple and entertaining. Music is not simply a form of communication; it is a medium of persuasion. According to me every musical composition,every song tells a story.It is the creation of culture, emotions, feelings, and surroundings that reflect the human condition as well as the condition of its creator. It generates emotions. I think my life would become boring if devoid of music, because I rely on it so much, when I’m happy, sad or angry. Music can cheer us up, pump us up, help us to have a good time or simply help us to think and I think without music, life would be a big mistake.
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