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A good question to ask!
Family is the basic structural component of each and every one of us! The security of family lies in the hands of each of us--
Family is a small community of different individuals combined, where each individual thinks or acts differently. Security is something that ensures a family's sustainability.
Secure relationships is the first step, try to maintain a good healthy relation with ur family members.
Participation is a required component in a family. Participate in family meetings and take good choices and always try to keep family matters, a secret from others! Those are not something you can talk to others about!
Care for one and another, that's when you'll find out whether your siblings are straying over other bad habits like drugs and alcohol etc.
Be honest; never try to keep secrets from your family. It may not work out to it's best; it can destroy good trust and relations too!!
Be protective of others in ur family; never think like, you mind ur business and he, his! you are a family, and u r responsible about each other.
Don't close your eyes to injustice-
Mingle with the society- society and social security is essential for a normal family. talk t ur neighbors and wish others, phone them, organize parties etc. 
 Don't let others poke their nose into ur family business!
Major decisions are taken by the family head, who ever it is!
Be free to express ur opinions and views and  try to build up a friendly connection with ur parents.
Share daily chorus and smile an inspiration for others....and your family bonds are secure!

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