The thing entirely seem clueless but there's something I feel that I should answer!

One simply cant do anything! 
good preparation and proper training is required incase you want to do something really properly! It does't matter what you do or how you do it; but preparation is necessary for everything. You just can't go for an examination without studying anything! When you try, you must make it to your maximum!
Of course, one simply can't work alone enough to change the world, but a community together can build up a shining nation and future! It takes hard work and giving ups to be there, one simply can't reach there with out struggle!
One simply cant see through others lives. It takes effort and empathy to know what horrible time, others are going through! it takes dedication and determination to go on. Your support is what they really want, not money or fame; but just a drop of tear!
One simply cant lead a football team to victory, it requires team spirit and dedication, nothing works if you are not dedicated, you'll simply miss a pass; that's it! that was supposed to the victory goal, but you missed it!

A simple phrase but contain a wide variety of meaning associated with diff, situations! 
one simply can't type this much, it takes time and work; so if you like my answer, plz select it as the brainlist answer! And comments invited!

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