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Have you ever read the poem 'voice of the rain' by Walt Whitman-

And all that in them without me were seeds only, latent unborn;
And forever, by day and night, I give back life to my own origin,

these lines actually allow you to take a small glimpse on why is rain too essential for the human race.
Rain is the poem of the marvelously created and beautifully portrait, a Mona Lisa drawn by the nature. 

Rain give life to all forms of being! Seeds that remain in the soil unborn and latent cherish with life when rain arrives! The trees dried and tried stands up and stretch themselves in the sunlight, introducing new leaves and branches. New forms and species of life get welcomed on to earth due to the arrival of rain. Moreover rain is a major source of water; earth is nothing without that natural resource! Rain brings us water and takes this water backs to the cycle top where it again pours down as rain, repeating the cycle! A perfect example for recycling!!

Rain is melodious. Haven't you stayed by the veranda listening to the music brought by rain, for our ears...

Rain is scientifically described as a phenomenon but naturally described as a blessing why human race still sustain here on earth. Rain cools down the hot dry earth like how our mom cool down our angry daddy! 

Rain is the sound of the music from heaven, says the myth! So is rain required to create the fantastic drastic change of greenery back to the nature; such a way it allow rebirth too!

Rain always creates a rainbow afterwards! It is also an artist who can create beauty from emptiness....rain makes pure and beautify everything! A shower she is but powerful like 'Love' and returns Earth to visit us, again in the next rainy season!

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