Young people seek part-time jobs, usually jobs nobody else wants, while they attend college to help support their financial needs. They learn how to save money after realizing that earning money is harder than they had imagined. Independence, therefore, leads teenagers to value money more highly while teaching them to spend it more effectively. For example, my sister did not comprehend the concept of money because she spent it whenever she wanted. However, after earning a small amount of money a


It is the most valuable thing in earth ,Time, because everything is acquired in time and all of man's business is conducted by time. we could have food, clothing, fabulous homes,we should also care for time lost of time is bad more than lost of money.
so, we must respect time , every hour and every minute must be determined that purpose indeeds  for  our  benefit  and  for  the  benefit  of our neighbours. The Lord did not set aside one minute of our lives for idleness, harmful deeds, or simply to do nothing at all.
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Time is very valuable thing in the can not be bought with money.once if we lose or pass the time, we cant get it we can consider it as even valuable than money.there is a saying that TIME AND TIDE WAITS FOR NONE. so we shuld be puntual and learn time management.value of time is unfathomable and the power of time is unestimatable.time can even destroy be careful because it all depends on how we utilize the TIME
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