The Story of My Life reveals Annie Sullivan as the inspiration behind Helen Keller's extraordinary life. She is only partially-sighted herself, after undergoing surgery to correct her vision at a young age and herself having been educated at The Perkins Institute for The Blind, a place instrumental in Helen Keller's own development.She gave a new direction, meaning and purpose to Helen's dark life. Miss Sullivan inherited all those traits and characteristics that go in making a perfect teacher. She was a picture of tireless patience . It was her constant encouragement, help and guidance that made Helen Keller first deaf and blind in the world to earn a bachelor degree 
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Anne Mansfield Sullivan was the teacher of Helen Adams Keller.
She was a former student of the Perkins Institution for the blind. 
She was blind at the age of twenty.
She began teaching Helen from wen she was 19 months old.
She was a constant companion to Helen where ever she went except when Helen wrote her examination in the Radcliffe College as the authorities did not allow Sullivan to read the papers to her.
She had to finger spell all the lessons to Helen when she was in the Cambridge School and when Helen was in the Radcliffe college.
She remained as Helen's teacher and companion till her health started falling in 1914.
She is considered as to be one of the greatest teachers in the world.

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