Educating girls and young women is not only one of the biggest moral challenges of our generation, it is also a necessary investment for a peaceful and poverty-free world. Until we give girls equal access to a good quality education, the world will continue to suffer from child and maternal mortality, disease and other byproducts of poverty.Reaching out to the girl child is central to the efforts to universalize elementary education. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, or ‘Education for All’ programme recognizes that ensuring girl’s education requires changes not only in the education system but also in societal norms and attitudes. A two-pronged gender strategy has therefore been adopted, 
to make the education system responsive to the needs of the girls through targeted interventions which serve as a pull factor to enhance access and retention of girls in schools and on the other hand, to generate a community demand for girls’ education through training and mobilization
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Educating a girl means Educating the whole family. it takes place in the following ways:-
Step 1)  When a girl attends school she will first learn the concept herself.
Step 2) She will help her brothers or sisters in their studies too
Step 3) she will help her classmates to make them understand             the concepts too                               (like I do, everyday)
Step 4) If her parents or grandparents do not anything she explain to them too.
Step 5) After she is married she will explain what she knows to her children too.

In this way she can educate everyone, but she is not educated herself she can't spread the knowledge to anyone at all.

Hence, this is the importance of a educating a girl child....

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