Your friend is good at English,history and geography.however, his parents feel he should continue to pursue science and become a doctor, even though he is not very good at science. Discuss with your partner.
What your friend can do to convince his parents?
What career options he could pursue?




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If he does pursue science and later tend to fail in life, the blame would weigh on his parents for not letting him follow his dreams. His inner desires have to be nurtured and he shouldn't let himself be under the undue influence by his parents. A child will know which stream he shall shine in and his parents should be supportive in every step he takes. He could pursue literature, journalism, mass communication, urban designing, chartered surveyor, and so many more. He could also explore jobs in teaching :)
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She can purse the subject she is interested. If she listens to her parents, then she will feel guilty that she was not able purse her favorite subject. She can advise her parents that she is interested in English ,History and Geography. So her parents may be convinced.
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