Each of the following sentences has three missing words. The first missing word of each sentence is 6 letters long, the second missing word is 5 letters long, and the third missing word is 4 letters long. All the 6 letter words are anagrams of each other, as are all the 5 letter words, and all the 4 letter words. Can you fill in the blanks? 1) Nobody would ______ to the old pirate any more, because his _____ were far too ____. 2) The fans were ______ as the opposition managed to _____ the game from the home ____. 3) When he decided to ______, he did not expect _____ bread with his ____ every meal. 4) On many of the lake's ______ in the Spring, _____ will be out looking for a ____.




1st sentence: listen, tales, tame
2nd sentence: silent, steal, team
3rd sentence: enlist, stale, meat
4th sentence: inlets, teals, mate

I hope I helped you. I had to think about it like an hour.