It is said that science is the religion of the modern age. It is so because science has revolutionized the modern life and exposed the centuries old beliefs and superstitions. Science is the modern god of reason that abhors blind faith.Man, however, worships science not so much because it has given him new and free ideas, but because it has provided him with great material comforts and amazing facilities. The trains, the aeroplanes, the sea ships, the space-ships, to say the least, are some of the undreamt-of wonders of science. The space has been annihilated. The whole world has become a very narrow place. One can have breakfast in Delhi, lunch in Lon­don and dinner in San Francisco. Today, there are innumerable electric and elec­tronic gadgets for the comfort of man. The stove, the L.P.G, the heater, the geyser, the desert cooler, the air-conditioner, the elec­tric generator, the refrigerator, the washing machine etc. provide comfort to man. The radio, the transistor, the television, the VCR etc. provide him with exciting and exulting amusement. He can no longer feel bored.In the field of agriculture, there have been constructed numerous water dams and agricultural and irrigational devices to increase manifold the production of crops to feed the teeming millions. There has been a great increase in industrial production. Big factories and mills, equipped with compli­cated machinery of great skill and awful technology work day and night to produce innumerable items of use, ranging from small needles to huge ships. Great discoveries and inventions in the field of medical science have greatly mitigated man’s misery and even banished altogether some diseases like small pox. Similarly, there has been an awful revolution in the field of Psychology, Psy­chiatry, Commerce, Management etc. Much more attention is now given tochild and mother’s health. There have been great dis­coveries in the field of nutrition and diet. Mortality rate has fallen and life span has increased. New techniques in education are being developed. Telecommunication sys­tem, computer system etc. have brought about a revolution in all fields. The meteor logical space-crafts forecast weather to near accuracy.Despite all the comforts provided by science when man can not only walk on earth like an animal, but fly in air like a bird and swim in water like a fish, it is a pity that he has also developed and amassed horrible weapons of destruction. These weapons threaten even his very existence on this planet. If man stops production of such weapons, he can banish poverty, disease and ignorance which are his real enemies. Let us hope better sense prevails on him