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In males:-
1.Growing of moustaches & beard.
2.Growing hairs under armpits. 
3.Broadning of shoulders.
4.Enlargement of Vocal Cord.
5.Growing of pubic hairs. 
6.Penis and Testes becomes large.
7.Feelings And sexual drives associated with adulthood began to develop.

In Females:-
1.Hair grows under Armpits and Pubic Region.
2.Enlargement of Breasts.
3.Deposition of fat on hips.
4.Feelings and sexual drives related with adulthood began to develop.
5.Ovaries start to releases to release eggs.
6.Menstruation starts.
7.Fallopian tubes,Vagina and Uterus enlarge.

Also,there is change in feelings of both male and female towards opposite gender of doing coital activities.

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