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1. What is the need for political institutions?
2. In what ways does the Lok Sabha exercise more powers than the Rajya Sabha?
3. How is the President of India elected?
4. What is the role of the Prime Minister in a coalition government?
5. What does Independence of judiciary mean?
6. What do you understand by PIL?
7. Which of the two houses is more powerful? and why?
8."The Prime Minister is the real executive head of our country?
9. What is Impeachment Motion?
10. Differentiate between Political Executive & Permanent Executive?
11. In what ways does the Lok Sabha exercise more powers than the rajya Sabha?
12. How does the President act as Executive Head?

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 Lok Sabha exercise more powers than the Rajya Sabha 
ordinary bill : any ordinary law needs to be passed by both the houses but if there is a difference btwn the two houses, the final decision is taken in a joint session in which members of both the houses sit together. because of the larger number number of members, the view of lok sabha is likely to prevail in such a meeting
money bill : the lok sabha exercises more powers in money matters.once the lok sabha passes the budget of the govt or any other money related law the rajya sabha cannot reject it. the rajya sabha can only delay it by 14 days or suggest changes in it which the lok sabha may or may not accept it.
no confidence motion : most importantly the lok sabha controls the councils of ministers. only a person who enjoys the support of the majority of the members in lok sabha is appointed as the prime minister. if the majority of the lok sabha members says"no confidence" in the councils of minister all ministers including PM HAVE TO QUIT
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2)lok sabha controls all money matters if any budget is passed the rajya sabha can delay it only for 14 days.
if any ordinary law need to be passed and there is a difference in both houses the decision is took in a joint session where the lok sabha has more power because they have more members.

10) political executive elected by people for a specified period they are answerable towards people.
permanent executive are appointed on long term basis they are answerable towards political executive